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What are SmartBolts?

SmartBolts are specialty fasteners with a built-in visual indicator that shows the tension developed as the bolt is installed. Knowing that SmartBolts is tight at a glance eliminates any uncertainty when ensuring the integrity of your critical bolted joints.




SmartBolts Kit

How do SmartBolts Work?

The direct tension indicator gradually darkens from bright red to black as the fastener is sufficiently tensioned. The indicator works on the most accurate principle for tension measurement – actual fastener elongation under load. 

As the bolt is stretched elastically, the minute displacement of the gage pin allows the microindicator to produce a continuous and completely reversible colour change. From loose to tight and back again, the system is reliable and repeatable through countless cycles of operation.


What can SmartBolts be used for?

SmartBolts are compatible with a wide range of fastener types, and can be adapted to fasteners of nearly every possible tension specification, grade, finish, and coating. They are ideal as excavator bolts, slew bearing bolts, track frame bolts and drive motor bolts.

Leading companies across the mining, manufacturing and material handling industries (amongst others) are reaping the rewards of these specialty fasteners and their applications for predictive maintenance.



Hitatchi Excavator on site

The Benefits of SmartBolts

Improved Safety

Visually maintain and safely assess all critical joints.


Invest in a premade, work-ready SmartBolts kit or work with our team to design a custom SmartBolt.

Easy Installation

The visual indication tool eliminates the need for special tooling during installation.

Maximise Uptime

Inspect critical bolted joints without shutting down equipment and only service bolts that require attention.

What Industry Professionals are Saying About SmartBolts

"These devices measure clamp load and not torque. They will also tell you relaxation in the connection [and] allow equipment to be inspected in use without shutdown. They reduce [Preventative Maintenance] costs immensely. The price of these are a cost savings compared to any traditional PM schedule in expensive, safety or mission critical equipment. One breakdown will most likely cost you more than the upfront cost difference in the bolts. I have used them in drive systems in excess of 3000 kN*m output torque and rugged specialty vehicles."

Terry Olson — Professional Engineer
TKO Engineering Solutions

"Now that we use SmartBolts in our 37 ton Gradall scaling machines, we can make educated decisions about maintenance because we know which bolts need service and how long a shutdown to schedule. As a result, we’re saving tens of thousands in overtime and downtime and our workers are happy to be spending much less time crawling under the Gradall checking bolts."


Maintenance Superintendent 

K + S Windsor Salt Ltd.

"The constant movement of the welding robot was causing the bolts to lose tension. So we decided to retrofit our robots with SmartBolts; now the maintenance technician can look over during welding and visually check that the bolts are secure. This has had a positive impact on improving our overall safety and manufacturing efficiency."



Major Heavy Equipment Manufacturer

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